(in english)

You have arrived to my personal site of witchcraft, gods and goddesses.

I used to ran site called Paganreplica.net, which was a pagan blog kept by me on my personal way to walk of the 13 steps of growing in the craft. Although I liked that site, I did not find it fulfilling my needs nor fitting into something I really am. Unlike the site was, I am not a social butterfly who is ready for commentary. I am a lone witch in the forest twilight.

The site you have arrived mainly now contains static pages and I rarely write anything to the articles section nowadays.

If you are interested of my random articles and thoughs, you are invited both to visit the Articles section (called Artikkelit) on my site and use google translator to any pages on my site to understand what I am saying and feeling.

That is all, and none, what I have to say in direct english. May gods and goddesses be with you.